Standing Seam Roofing

Our Lawrence Roofers Explain What a Standing Seam Roof Is

In a nutshell, standing seam roofing is a succession of vertically oriented, standing, and laying sheet metal roofing panels. Each panel is secured in place by concealed fasteners and all panels are connected side by side with adjacent panels using an overlapping and locking mechanism that forms a raised--or standing--seam.

Unlike other conventional roofing systems, a standing seam roof can be installed in a very low slope roof. This makes standing seam roofing a type of roofing system that is ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential properties.

5 Reasons Why You Need Standing Seam Roofing

There are many different advantages to standing seam roofing. While every roofing project will have different goals and functions, a standing seam roof can essentially fit any functional, aesthetic, and practical goal. Take a moment to learn why you should consider having a standing seam roof installed.

Benefits of having standing seam roofing:

  • Longevity & Minimal Maintenance - Our metal seam products typically last more than 20 years without required maintenance and can withstand the heat, snow, and humidity of any season.
  • Environmentally Friendly - We make sure to use products that are made of recyclable materials, which eliminates the need to remove existing materials in retrofit projects.
  • Aesthetics - Our products and installation services are always offered with customer satisfaction in mind, meaning that the end result is sleek and colorful with options for easy insulation and high reflectance.
  • Energy Efficient & Cost-Effective - Standing seam roofing is not only energy efficient but is also up to 25% less expensive than traditional flat roofs and can boost property resale value.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Metal roofing systems can reduce the risk of litigation associated with poor indoor air quality.

Are you ready to bring a fresh look of modern appeal to your home? Do you want to protect your commercial space from ice, snow, sleet, and heat damage? Standing seam roofing may be the solution for you! To determine how Metal Roof Products can increase the value of your building, contact our Kansas roofing company. Our Lawrence roofers would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and give you our professional opinion on how to best achieve your goals.